Oleh: Ulin Fathiyatur Rokhmah, S.Pd

English is one of thousand languages existing in this world that is considered as an important language in which most of the people speak it. Learning English is learning how to speak it, learning language means not only learning masters of acquiring a set of rules and building up a lot of vocabulary but also having capacity of communicating ideas in the language being learnt. Therefore, in learning process the major language skills of communication (listening, speaking, reading and writing), must be properly introduced to the student to reach the goal of language learning. The teacher’s effort should be directed not only informing to the students about the language but also enabling them to practice it. This is because the students’ mastery of language is ultimately measured by known well, they can use it. Syamsul  Bakhri (2001:8).

Today, students who learn language are considered successful if they can communicate effectively in that language, so that learning of speaking become important. As a part of language learning, speaking is an important skill as well as reading, listening, and writing. When one produces a spoken language the students should use his skill to integrate all language components at the same time, without it he cannot speak well .The ability of speaking is an important aspect of learning a second of foreign language, and the success of it is measured in the form of the ability to carry out a conversation in the language (Nunan: 1999 :39)

Speaking is the one of the language skills that taught in schools. In speaking, one produces a spoken language, and he uses his skill to integrate all language components at the same times. Therefore, there are some reasons why the writer chooses this topic  regarding to conduct this article. Such as the student’s laziness to speak English, limited stock of vocabulary, having no idea etc. By knowing problems in learning speaking conversation, she/ he can make better improvement in speaking activity.Suhendar (1992) said, speaking is the process of changing the form of thoughts or feelings into a form of speech in the form of meaningful language sounds

Depdikbud (1985) defines speaking as conveying one’s intention (ideas, thoughts, hearts) to others using spoken language so that the intention can be understood by others

Based on the explanation above, the writer was interested in identifying the problems of students in learning speaking conversation.  Here some factors causing Students have difficulties to Speak English.

  • Intelligent factors

According to Halderich in Tri Isworo P (2001:7) “ Intelligent  is an important factor in supporting the successful study.” it refers to the ability  of the students to utilize what  has been  learn in adjusting to unfamiliar situation or in solving problems. Intelligent is closely related to the intellect, which is a comprehensive term for observing, understanding, thinking, remembering and all ways of knowing and getting knowledge. The students who have high intelligent will receive the explanation from teacher and will adapt in short time. The capability of students in grammar vocabulary and giving idea are included in this factor.Because most of the students still difficult, lazy and shy if they make mistake in speaking, especially if they made mistake in grammar. Therefore, the explanation above show that intelligent is an important factor to get succes in learnong language especially in learning speaking.

  • Feeling Factor

Engel in Wibowo (1980: 94) says that word “feeling” is used in comfortable and uncomfortable feeling. This psychological sense means experiment of pleasantness or unpleasantness. At school, students will get both comfortable feeling and uncomfortable in certain subject will support students to learn the subject make students feel bored to study the subject and decrease their studying activeness. Especially if the students do not have high self-confidence to speak English in front of   the class or many people. It is difficult for them to express their feeling, idea, thought, opinion, and whatever he wants to say.In facts most of the students who have high confidence will try and try to speak up without worrying to do mistakes when he says something using English, although he had limited vocabulary and grammar.

  • Motivation  factor

According  to Morgan (1984 : 41) Motivation can be defined as incentive  power or drive that causes exciting action to reach of certain  goal. It means that give motivation to the students  to learn  more and to be more active has many advantages because motivation in English  learning  will determine  the success of them, if the students  have high  motivation to practice, they will succes in speaking.

  • Aptitude Factors

Based on the Grolier International Dictionary (1981:65) “ Aptitude is a natural as acquired talent  or ability inclination or quickness in learning and undertanding”

  • Interest  factor

According to Highland as quoted by Slameto (1995:56) the meaning of interest is persisting tendency to pay attention and enjoy some activities and contexts.

  • Pause factor

Pause means to stop delivering messages. The speaker here paused while thinking about what to say. This can be addressed by making small notes so that they are not focused on what has been prepared/learned.

  • Filler factor

Often the speaker fills the pause with a specific sound, for example, ehmm and so forth. On the one hand, fillers really help us to get ideas. However, if it is done continuously, it will make our speaking boring. Therefore, we must often practice or form a group that can help us in speaking practice

  • lack of ideas 

No matter how smart a person is, if you don’t have an idea, it will definitely be difficult to express something. Having few ideas tends to talk short or repetitive. This can be overcome by increasing reading, discussion, and other things that can add insight to students so that there is no shortage of ideas.

  • Poor Vocabulary.

 It is undeniable that vocabulary is the main foundation in speaking. The more vocabulary that is known, the more comfortable and comfortable it is to convey a pndapat. If the student is at the beginner level of the student

From the problems above, it can be concluded that practice is the most important thing in speaking. Getting used to speaking English will help with many problems in speaking. English areas or areas that are required to speak English are a powerful way to practice speaking skills.When the problem of speaking is in vocabulary or vocabulary, there is one way that may be able to help, namely a small pocket book that if it can and is easy to carry anywhere, in the small book later students will record some vocabulary while memorizing.When practicing English, don’t think about grammar first. Just talk about whatever you want to talk about even though the grammar may not be organized, because later when it is fluent in speaking, it will only arrange the truth of the wording.